Hotel History

Here stands the oldest hotel on Chaharbagh Abbasi Avenue, Isfahan, Iran, Asia, an unrepeatable heritage in Isfahan architectural style, from the glorious Safavid era. Abbasi Hotel, now a 300-year-old building in the heart of the city Isfahan, a museum referred to as "Nesf-e-Jahan" (meaning half of the world), a monument which as local and international tourists, historians, leading architects and professional tourists claim, carries the nickname "The world's most beautiful hotel".

Here, the spirit living in the patterns and paintings, the interplay of colors and light and the fluidity of beauty have submitted to the capital for the genuine art and drawn on the body of the building, as though being around between the doors and walls is sauntering along a walkway to the past and present, where the patterns come to life drawing the fervor of the beauty of the predecessors' art in the eyes of the beholder.


Sunday, 13 March 2016

حضور شهردار میلان در اصفهان و اقامت در مهانسرای عباسی

روز سه شنبه مورخ 94/11/27 ، جناب آقای پیساپیا شهردار محترم شهر میلان ایتالیا، ملاقاتی با استاندار و شهردار محترم شهر اصفهان، جناب آقای دکتر زرگر و جناب آقای دکتر جمالی نژاد، در تالار زیبای پردیس...
Sunday, 13 March 2016

توصیه لس آنجلس تایمز به آمریکایی ها

روزنامه لس آنجلس تایمز به آمریکایی هایی که قصد دارند تعطیلات سال نو میلادی را در سفر بگذرانند پیشنهاد کرده که به ایران رفته و از جاذبه های گردشگری آن به ویژه « اصفهان » بازدید کنند. به گزارش ایرنا،...
Tuesday, 16 February 2016

بازدید رئیس سازمان میراث فرهنگی،گردشگری و صنایع دستی و معاون رئیس جمهور

غرفه زیبا و منحصر به فرد مهمانسرای عباسی اصفهان با طراحی سنتی و فاخر و چیدمان بی نظیر جلوه ای خاص به محیط نهمین نمایشگاه بین المللی گردشگری و صنایع وابسته که از مورخ 94/11/27 لغایت 94/11/30 در محل...
Sunday, 07 February 2016

ورود هیات یونانی به اصفهان و اقامت در مهمانسرای عباسی

جناب آقای الکسیس سیپراس، نخست وزیر یونان در صدر هیات بلند پایه سیاسی، اقتصادی وتجاری شنبه شب مورخ 94/11/18 در مهمانسرای عباسی اقامت نمودند.
Tuesday, 02 February 2016

ورود هیئت تایلندی به اصفهان و اقامت در مهمانسرای عباسی

جناب آقای سومکیدجاتوسری پیتک، معاون نخست وزیرکشورتایلند درصدر هیئت بلندپایه اقتصادی درمورخ 94/11/13 در مهمانسرای عباسی اقامت نمودند و از مکانهای تاریخی و زیبای مهمانسرا دیدن کردند.


Saturday, 14 March 2015

کسب نشان برتر از سایت معتبر Tripadvisor

مهمانسرای عباسی بر اساس ارزشیابی نقطه نظرات و مصاحبه هایی که در مورد مهمانسرای عباسی و سطح کیفیت سرویس دهی آنان در سایت معتبر جهانی Tripadvisor (معروفترین سایت نظر سنجی جهان) به ثبت رسانده اند...

Rooms & Suites

The glorious architecture of Iran, like a piece of gem, has been constantly glittering among other architectural monuments of the world and has occupied a worthy place in the world of art. It was in the reign of the Safavids, that the city of Isfahan reached such a renown and elegance which was called " half of the world".
Among what has remained from the age of the Safavids, there still exists a complex of a school, bazaar and  caravansaraycomplex which sparkles like a piece of jewelry at the side of Chahar Bagh street.
This complex was built at the time of king Sultan Hossein of Safavids about 300 years ago. King Sultan Hossein attributed this magnificent complex of building to his mother. That is why; it is called "the school and caravansaray of Madar-shah" (which means king's mother).


This big and magnificent restaurant has two floors, and also a unique decoration. It has a capacity of 400 people. The second floor is used as the breakfast hall every day from 7:00 to 10:00 where you can have breakfast as a buffet. The ground floor is used as the main restaurant for lunch all the year from 12:00 to 15:00 ,and for dinner in autumn and winter from 16:00 to 22:30. You are served with different Iranian and continental foods.

With a view of the beautiful city of Isfahan ,it is located on the roof of the hotel. From there, you can also see Chahar-Bagh School, Imam Square, Ali Quapoo, Imam Mosque and Mount Sofeh. This restaurant is open in spring and summer from 7 pm to 11 pm.


Zarrin hall is located in the ground floor of the hotel and its entrance door opens to the corridor of the restaurant. The walls of this hall are light green and on these walls the most astonishing samples of illumination, delineation of Safavid Cathy designs, and the plaster moulding on the mirror can be seen. Only for the illumination and layechini of this hall, twenty thousand sheets of gold known as Indian (Hindi) have been used. The coverage of the walls and the ceiling with gold sheets are meant to preserve the varnish and gloss, which may be otherwise gradually tarnished.

Train Station
Bus Station

Sports Clubs

Hotel Sport Complex consists of poll, sauna, gym, jacuzzi, massage and provides dear guests an enjoyable time.


In the garden of the hotel you are served with Iranian and continental foods, hot and cold sandwiches and different drinks, during spring and summer. You can listen to a pleasant music around some beautiful pools and you can also see the blue dome of Madreseh Chahar-Bagh.
Among what has remained from the age of the Safavids, there still exists a complex of a school, bazaar and  caravansaraycomplex which sparkles like a piece of jewelry at the side of Chahar Bagh street. In reconstruction of this caravansaray, this dusty courtyard has changed into a garden imbued with plants and colorful flowers. A stream flows through this courtyard, which is called Farshadi stream.

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