gold and silver jewelry

gold jewelry, necklaces, earring, bracelet and other on-trend accessories

opening hours: every day from 9 to 22

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exchange bureau

changing all currencies to Rial and visa versa

accepting VISA card and MASTER card (7% commission) 

opening hours: every day from 8 to 22 

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Isfahan's Traditional Candies

providing a wide range of Isfahan's traditional candies including Gaz, Sohan, Poulaki, Nabaat and other pastries

opening hours: every day from 9 to 22

Fridays from 9 to 15:30

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Esfahan St. Amadegah, international hotel Abbasi

Tel : 031-32226010-19 Fax : 031-32226008

Fax Public Relations : 031-32211268 Mailbox 191/81465